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You may seek the services of a attorney to help you understand the Franchise Discolosure Document (FDD) and franchise agreement. The attorneys at EXCELLAW  provide legal support to franchisees--without crippling their profit margin. Jeff Weaver is the founder of EXCELLAW, and his comprehensive experience representing franchise clients enabled him to develop an innovative, flat-fee ($750) FDD Review product. Jeff's flat-fee service includes an introductory phone consultation, review of the FDD (with no page limits), summary memorandum and follow-up phone call to discuss his finding and answer your questions. Click below to complete a request for consultation through EXCELLAW's website

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Business financing may come from a variety of sources including SBA-guaranteed lending, securities-backed loans, 401(k) rollovers, equipment leasing, unsecured credit and more. Many individuals will leverage multiple financing solutions to launch their business. Our strategic partners at Guidant Financial are committed to educating you about your whole range of options. Click below to get pre-qualified and learn what types of funding you may qualify for.*

*Pre-qualification results will be based solely on information provided by you. No credit checks will be run in the pre-qualification process.